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Never in my wildest dreams, have I even considered reading a “self-help” book. With the difficult task of landing the perfect, steady, and rewarding career, I needed—and still need—all of the help I could get.

One thing that is stressed throughout college is to persevere, meet insane deadlines, and to keep focus on what is important. Yet the most critical and most detrimental task, if not executed correctly, is creating a stellar resume and cover letter that sets you out from the others.

Graduating from college is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things that I have accomplished. All of the sleepless nights and last minute study sessions have now become a thing of the past. Students spend most of their time prepping for their last semester of college with the idea that they will be offered countless dream jobs.

To my dismay, I have had the biggest wake up calls thus far. There aren’t any employers lurking in the shadows trying to convince you to come and work for them. Nor is anyone desperately trying to find you. Employers are clever and graciously overwhelmed in the amount of job hunters currently seeking one of their coveted positions. Why would they need to inconvenience themselves to find the perfect employee, when in reality job seekers are throwing themselves at potential employers?

The first week after my last final, I was troubled with the difficult task of what specifically I wanted to do. What was my calling? What am I supposed to be? What was I born to do? Through all of the rigorous and long days of soul searching, all of my efforts had lead be back to the one avenue— which was the avenue to becoming a writer. Writing is my true passion.

There will always be jobs and opportunities that will come and go. However finding the career that was designed for me will take time.