The most vulnerable thing to do is to reveal your true self. Being open and completely honest is an extremely difficult task to accomplish, especially if you are unfamiliar with the person reading it. Groups of people staring into my thoughts once seemed like a terrifying notion, but somehow I have grown to overcome this.

Introductions are always difficult. When talking face to face with someone, we are able to read his or her expressions and body language where we unconsciously tiptoe around dangerous words or topics. Always tending to make notes for later of what not to mention or what to talk about instead. People have this innate want and need to be liked by others. Undoubtedly, this becomes a goal to achieve trivial statuses such as, “High School’s Most Popular” or “Most Outgoing.” Don’t force yourself to be different. If you are always acting differently around others your falsified façade eats you alive.

My name is Alexis, and I grew up in what seemed to be a small town just outside of Sacramento. Ironically, not everyone knows everyone. Being recently retired from their professions, my parents had always showcased our family to resemble the “white picket fence” stereotype.

I am now tackling my last semester of college at Sacramento State University where I will attain by B.A. in English Literature. I now face my biggest identity crisis and greatest fear: deciding what I want to do and be for the rest of my life. This blog will help me in my endeavors of truly getting to know my real self where it could hopefully lead me into a direction of what I want to do. And no—I do not want to be a teacher.

Let’s begin with, “hi, it is nice to meet you.” Though I may not know in particular whom I am talking to, I feel that if you are still reading this, I have somehow grabbed your attention, connected or bonded with you. For this, I welcome you.